How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Filters?

 Your pool filters are what make your swimming pool shiny and clean, which is why you always want them functioning at their best.

Part of the maintenance process involves cleaning your pool cartridges regularly, which can help remove dirt, gunk, and other general debris that might be clogging up your cartridge and keeping it from performing at its best.

If you’ve noticed a decline in your pool’s water quality, it’s a likely sign that it’s time to clean those filters out! Another way to know it’s time to clean out your cartridges is if the PSI on your pool is higher than 8 during normal functioning procedures – this number shows that things are starting to build up, and that action needs to be taken soon.

Cleaning Your Pool Cartridges

The first step of cleaning your cartridges out involves identifying them. If you’re new to pool maintenance, then just consult either an owner’s manual or a professional for more information.

Once identified, cleaning your cartridges is fairly simple. You can use gloved hands or a garden hose to remove large chunks of dirt and debris.

However, removing anything that’s made its way into your pool filters can be a little bit tougher. That’s why you should let a cartridge cleaning solution do the work for you – these specialized solutions are designed to filter out all the unattractive components from your cartridge that can keep your pool from looking like it should.

Fully cleaning your pool cartridges is recommended, as simply hosing them off and then sticking them back in your pool can further ingrain any clogged debris and the like into them, which will result in the need for replacement cartridges sooner.

For best results, allow your cartridges to fully dry out before adding them back into your pool. This ensures the cartridge cleaning solution you utilized has as much time as possible to fully filter out any unwanted particles from making your cartridge into their home.

Replacing Pool Cartridges

No matter how much effort you put into cleaning your cartridges, they’ll eventually need to be replaced. Generally, cartridges have a lifespan of 3-5 years, but this number can change based on plenty of outlying factors to take into account.

One factor that matters quite a lot is how often the cartridges were cleaned – if you clean yours often, then their life will be extended by months, and even years. However, eventually the pressure readings will start to show irregularly high PSI sooner and sooner after cleanings. This means replacement is necessary.

Replacement pool cartridges need to be obtained from qualified retailers that can assist you in figuring out what model type you need. Sometimes, newer models can require different installation procedures, meaning additional research could be required before any replacing processes can be completed.

If you need help in cleaning or replacing your pool cartridges, then professional pool cleanersare always a worthwhile investment. Not only will they perform the required maintenance work for you in an efficient manner, but they can also guide you through the proper ways to take care of your pool by yourself if you’re willing to learn