Pool Design Las Vegas


Are you looking for inspiration for your Pool Design Las Vegas? At Nationwide Pool, we understand that the finding the perfect pool design and space can seem challenging. After helping many folks in Las Vegas design and build their dream swimming pool for years, we would like to help you get your project off on the right foot. We are going to walk you through a systematic process for finding the right pool shape, features and space for your backyard.

How Close Should the Swimming Pool be to the House?

If you are going to use the pool throughout the year, it should be relatively close to the house to minimize the walk from the pool back to the house in the cold, especially during winter.

If you are to locate it far away from the house, you should think about the paths you will use to access the pool from the house.

Where should the Swimming Pool be Located?

For the most suitable Pool Design Las Vegas, consider how your pool will look in the landscape. If possible, put it in the sunniest spot of your property. It should also be attractive even when not in use, especially if it is visible from the house. Think of your swimming pool as a water feature in the landscape.

You should avoid areas of lawn between the pool area and changing facilities to keep them tidy. Elements such as mud, animal dropping, dirt, grass-clippings, and other debris should not be carried into the pool. They may demand for frequent pool sanitization and cleaning.

What is the Best Shape for a Swimming Pool?

You can choose from unlimited shapes of pool designs, but these are some of the predominant styles for Pool Design Las Vegas.

Rectangular Pool Design

Rectangular pool design is the most popular pool shape of all time. Its geometry and proportion make it desirable for many outdoor spaces.

A rectangular pool design is the most suitable shape in accommodating a pool cover, and for swimming laps.

Round and Square Pool Designs

Round or square pool designs are good shapes for a spa.

Freeform Pool Design

A freeform pool is a non-linear swimming pool having flowing lines. It can take virtually any shape. Some of the popular freeform pool designs in Las Vegas are the C Series and I Series. A lagoon pool design is also a type of freeform pool having an enhanced serpentine shape.

A freeform pool design may be hard to incorporate in the landscape since it tends to call a lot of attention to itself.

Should there be Plants around the Swimming Pool?

Any planting done near the swimming pool area needs to be well thought out. Stems and leaves of your plant choice should not be prickly or sharp. You should plant non-leaf dropping (specially to enjoy your summer), non-poisonous, and non-irritating plants round your pool area.

Avoid vulnerable plant and grass species that are sensitive and will be easily affected by the pool water chemicals.

What are the best Materials for Pool Decks?

Choose swimming pool deck or terrace materials for practicality. The most suitable materials should be able to remain at a comfortable temperature under a hot sun. Neutral shades are most suitable, such as light gray or buff-colored sandstone or limestone. Light-colored concrete or precast pavers can also serve you well.

Getting Started

These are just but a few tips on swimming pool design guide. If you are in Las Vegas or its neighboring states, do not hesitate to contact us for more information about your swimming pool. Allow us to help you do it like a Pro!