Why Pool Service is Necessary as the Winter Months Approach

Many people majorly focus on maintaining their pools in summer, but winter pool maintenance is necessary as well if you really want to keep your pool in shape. It is unfortunate to note that the majority of pool owners think that they can just leave their pools unattended until the spring comes, an idea that is wrong. In order for your pool to stay at its best, you need to give it a year round maintenance. You can choose to maintain your pool by yourself or can inquire about the services of firms offering pool service in Las Vegas.

Winter Should Not Be an Exception for Pool Maintenance

Basically, there is no single season where you should stop maintaining your pool. If you forget about your pool and leave it to sit unattended, there are chances that small problems, which you can catch early enough, will turn into big ones over the time you spend ignoring them. In short, failing to maintain your pool during winter is bad for the look and feel of the pool as well as your wallet.

Pool Water Loss During Winter

Pools lose a lot of water during fall and winter. Firms offering pool service in Las Vegas believe the issue of water level in pools is one of the biggest winter pool maintenance concerns for pool owners. Water loss can result in severe damage of pool equipment as well as bad water circulation. Water evaporation takes place regardless of the season. Nevertheless, elements in colder seasons like winter and fall can intensify it. For instance, ice may accumulate on top of the pool cover during colder seasons. With time the weight increases and forces pool cover into the pool’s surface, which results in water rising up over the sides of the pool. This phenomenon is referred to as displacement and is responsible for significant loss of pool water.

The Good News

The good news is that pool water loss during winter can be prevented by proper pool maintenance. All you have to do is contact one of the contractors offering pool service in Las Vegas, who will then do necessary maintenance tasks such as replastering.

Pool Covers

Adding pool covers is a necessary measure of protecting your pool from harsh conditions during the cold season. It helps in protecting the pool from snow, debris and animals. This is something that you can do on your own and does not require services of pool maintenance firms. You just need to follow the basic steps indicated below:

  • Ensure that you securely attach the winter pool cover to your pool. For an inground pool, you need to see to it that the water blocks or bags are secure. You also need to ensure that all the safety components are in place.
  • Ensure that no debris or water is on the pool cover. For excess water you can use vacuum while for plant debris you can use a hose.
  • Ensure that the snow on your pool cover is removed. You can use a rake to do this. Excess weight on the pool cover can cause damage to the pool.

Apart from the pool cover, you also need to ensure that your pool parts are in working condition. For maintenance of pool parts you can contact any of the firms offering pool service in Las Vegas. Additionally you have to check your winter pool chemistry. Chemically balanced water is necessary for a clean pool.