Upgrades to Consider For Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer 2022

It’s nearly summer, which means it’s time to prepare your swimming pool for the upcoming warm months. As you prepare for parties and family gatherings, it’s critical to understand the operation and maintenance of your pool. Here are some repair and maintenance actions that you may consider.

Install Deck lights and outdoor Lighting

Consider improving your pool deck or mood lighting to create a totally distinct environment for those upcoming summer nights.

Outdoor lighting is a large electrical project, and you’ll want to safeguard your lights from the elements. To avoid moisture collection and early bulb failure, adequate mounting and sealing of swimming pool deck lighting is required. Nationwide pool service in Las Vegas is always available for this service and pool-related issues.

Installation of the Tanning Ledge

Swimming pool tanning ledges are a popular feature of many in-ground pools in Las Vegas. They provide you with the option to soak up the sun without having to sit on the side of the pool or stay on a floating raft for the entirety of your visit. If you enjoy relaxing by your pool and soaking up the sun, you might consider engaging pool service in Las Vegas to build a tanning ledge along with some in-pool loungers.

Outdoor Power Points

Swimming pools are no exception to the rule of amenities being required for any outdoor living space. Investing in outdoor power outlets is the best way to guarantee that your swimming pool set-up can meet modern outdoor living standards coming this summer.

Tiling and Coping Upgrade

Consider changing the tiling and coping in your pool area if you want to make a fashionable and useful update to your backyard haven. Replacing loose or cracked tile and coping may be about more than simply improving the appearance of your pool; it may also be about improving the function and safety of the area.

Improving Your Water Circulation

A new water pump and/or filter for your pool? If your pool pump uses a lot of your summer electricity, you should look into alternatives. In order to get the best possible water quality and energy efficiency, you must invest in a high-quality pool pump. Nobody wants to swim in a poorly circulated pool, and your pool should be more than simply an aesthetic element. For assistance, contact Nationwide pool service in Las Vegas.

Adding Pool Tiling Details

A tiled pool can be extravagant. Detail tile surfaces are smooth and sparkling, complementing the pool style. This sun-reflecting pool feature can provide swimmers or sunbathers with a peaceful and sumptuous feeling.

Tiles and grout between them give traction for easy water walking. Tile is versatile, affordable, and has a big impact on the pool’s enjoyment and usage.

Replacing Waterline Tiles

They are quite beneficial for building a summer pool. Waterline tiles keep the pool shell or liner sealed. It prevents scum lines and accumulation around the pool’s edge. These tiles are easily modifiable in terms of shape, color, and design.

Constructing a pool Deck or Patio

A beautiful and appealing surface on the outside of your pool is also a terrific way to improve the overall appearance of the pool area. Consider building a pool deck or patio around the pool to offer swimmers a safe and smooth surface. It will also be useful to designate a tanning area or a location for pool watchers to simply have a beverage or rest next to the water.

These are a few improvements to your swimming pool that you might want to think about making. You can rely on pool service in Las Vegas for all of your pool renovation needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in designing the pool of your dreams.