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pool repair
Repairman is repairing pool with equipment. Pool maintenance style.

While you may think that pool repair can wait until a later time, there are some that must be taken care of as soon as they arise. How come? Well, simply because postponing repairs can result in more serious issues down the line!

Repairs for Pool Leaks

Delaying repairs after discovering a pool leak is one of the worst errors any pool owner can make. Many people would claim, “Oh, that’s just water,” but there’s more to it than that! In addition to the apparent water and chemical loss, a leak could also seriously harm your pool, depending on where it is located.

Wall and surface leaks from cracks – If your pool is leaking water because of surface cracks, don’t wait another minute to see a pool specialist! Your pool’s surfaces that have gaps where water seeps through have a propensity to deteriorate and expand the crack over time. Additionally, these cracks can serve as a haven for algae and other organisms, creating an even worse issue!

Plumbing Leaks That Are Visible – If the leak is visible, it will be easy to correct. Avoid putting off fixing these leaks because they can be fixed very quickly! Some people delay doing this on the grounds that a few drops here and there won’t hurt. These droplets may eventually become puddles, which may lead to moisture buildup and all that goes along with it, including mold, moss, algae, and more!

Leaks in pool equipment – Your pool filtration system’s equipment is all airtight by design. Any leak will significantly lower their efficiency and could cause the rest of your system to get overworked, which could cause further issues.

Repairs of problematic cartridge filters or sand filters

There could be leaks in your pool filters, ineffective filtering by the elements, or a variety of other pool filter problems. Signs that your pool filter needs to be repaired or replaced include:

Leaks arising from the filter unit itself could be caused by a broken o-ring or a structural issue with the filter unit. You got lucky if only the o-ring is shattered! However, because pool filters operate under pressure, a repair is not advised if the machine itself has cracks. A poor repair job may result in an explosion. Better to be safe than sorry! Simply replace your pool filter unit if you discover a crack in it.

Multiport leaks – If the leak originates from the multiport, you’re in luck (you may skip this step if you have a cartridge filter). For multiport valves, we offer thorough troubleshooting and repair.

Pressure gauge readings that seem unusual – Your filter elements (cartridge or sand) should be thoroughly cleaned to restore the pressure gauge reading to normal. Try to remember the last time you altered your filter elements if that doesn’t work. It may be time to change the filter elements if they have been in place for longer than three years for cartridge filters and five years for sand filters. However, if you recently changed your filter elements, the issue can be as straightforward as a broken pressure gauge, so make sure to check it as well!

Pool Pump Repair

As a general guideline, you should have your pump checked out or changed as soon as it starts producing odd noises or doesn’t “feel” right. Why? Your swimming pool’s pump is its beating heart. As long as you maintain appropriate water balance, your pool can endure for quite some time without a filter before turning green, giving you time to get a replacement filter in.

On the other side, if you have a broken pool pump, you will have stagnant water, and if you don’t obtain a replacement or repair right away, your pool will quickly turn green.

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