Building a Pool in Las Vegas

building a pool

When it comes to building a pool, there are a number of factors to consider. What type of pool will it be—indoor or outdoor—how deep will it be, and how big will it be overall?

These are just a few of the numerous inquiries that arise when building a pool. A factor that is less frequently thought about than the pool’s size itself is the timeline. When is the ideal season to construct your own pool?

Because there isn’t an immediate solution, the California Pools team has combined their knowledge. We’ll go over the important factors to think about that can influence the ideal timing for you to install a pool before offering our advice.

As soon as you’ve completed reading this post, you’ll be able to start planning.

Things to Think About When Building a Pool

Since each pool construction project is unique, there are several factors that could influence when it is best to begin.

You must first determine your personal financial status. Do you have the money to build a pool right away, or would it be wiser to wait a few more months to save money?

If you don’t have the finances to support it, there’s no point in rushing to build during the best time of year. That is a surefire way to end up with a partially completed pool or a hastily completed project that isn’t optimized to be the greatest pool possible.

When you wish to be able to use your pool will be a consideration in your choice. This may influence a lot of people’s choices when it comes to beginning a build.

Like many individuals, if you want to use your pool by the summer, you should make plans to make that happen. But you might want to consider starting your build during a different month if you don’t mind missing out on the sun this year.

Springtime pool construction

A pool may be constructed at any time of year; read our prior piece to see how long it typically takes so you can anticipate roughly when to finish.

As it’s a fantastic way to plan for a summer opening of your own pool, spring is a common period to start construction. But because of this, contractors might find it to be a busy period. If you choose this time of year, it may be difficult to secure a booking with a reputable pool builder, and you will probably be looking at a more expensive build.

The erratic weather in spring is another drawback. The sections of your garden that have been dug up to accommodate it as well as the build may be affected if there is a significant rainstorm.

However, it usually ensures that you’ll be swimming in the sun that summer, so for some people, the extra cost and danger may be justified.

Summertime Pool Construction

We are aware that the month of July is the ideal time to use your pool rather than observe its construction. However, there are certain benefits to construction in the summer.

Because of the sun, the ground you’re building on will probably be drier, which makes it much simpler for contractors to construct the pool. Building over the summer is less common, so you’re more likely to get a better bargain and pay less than you would have a few months earlier.

But it’s not all good news; a scorching summer can make it more difficult for your contractors to complete the work. Additionally, it means that you will be completing your pool in the middle of autumn, which is not ideal for enjoying it until the nicer weather returns.

Autumn Pool Construction

Installing in the fall is identical to installing in the summer. Many months after construction is complete, you won’t be able to use your pool.

However, it’s possible that the ground would be drier and that finding a contractor will be simpler. Additionally, since there won’t be as much sun, your builders won’t be affected.

It may be enticing because you can probably anticipate a less expensive development in the autumn.

Wintertime Pool Construction

If cost is a problem, building during the winter months can occasionally be the most affordable option.

Additionally, it means that, if you’re fortunate enough to get a warm spring, you can use your pool not long after construction is finished. However, due to the unpredictability of the weather, there are hazards associated with a winter project.

Even though snowfall is uncommon in California, it can drastically slow down development. However, contractors may have plenty of time to fit you into their schedule throughout the winter, which can let you prepare for the future of your pool before it opens.

When should I build a pool and where can I get assistance?

As you can see from the breakdown above, there are benefits and drawbacks to building a pool at various seasons of the year.

It is essential to first think about your financial condition and the urgency with which you need to get into your pool before making a selection. If money is scarce and you don’t mind waiting, building in the winter, fall, or even summer can be a better option.

But spring might be a better option if you absolutely must use your pool as soon as possible. Nationwide Pools has all the services and materials you’ll need, contact us today to get started!